Eve-athon 2nd Prize

OOC: I’m pleased to announce that Equilibrium won 2nd Place in Eve-athon I, “The Hulkageddon Effect” with a special mention to the IC nature of the blog. My hat’s off to the #1 winner, SN1P3R001. Now I just have to decide whether I’ve actually got it in me to take my new ship, which will most likely be the most expensive thing in my noob asset bucket, and put it in DeathRace 2010.

I do intend to enter more blog contests where it makes sense to do so – if I can bring an in-character inside-looking-out perspective, I will try to do so. I’m watching the Inspired by Images of EVE threads with interest (just not personally inspired by this round’s Gallente ship) and I hope to jump into a Blog Banter in the future (but this month’s very very OOC #19 I couldn’t make IC no matter how hard I might try).

Thanks to all the new readers who have come to read the blog in the last few days from the contest page, CrazyKinux’s Blogroll, and the Eve Online Fiction Forum, with special thanks to Ecliptic Rift’s Casiella Truza for the surprise (and unprompted) generous praise in a recent tweet that generated a nice traffic influx.

I hope you all are enjoying the blog. I’m enjoying writing it.

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