PrimaeAboard the Overseer, [System Redacted], Metropolis

The new ship was, at some level, a “get what you pay for” proposition. He wished he had had one when he started colonization – this ship had a very nice bay specifically designed for command center launches. Of course, now that he had the ship, he had no plans to add a new colony for some time.

It was sort of baffling that ORE had decided to hand the Primae vessels out like so much candy. He hadn’t yet figured out what their angle was, but his Chief Engineer assured him there was no tracking module aboard. It was a very well-designed boat, from an aesthetic perspective. The Cargo Manager assured him it had a great observation deck, but for fear of pirate attack Rhavas had never come out of the pod and stood in it while in orbit. The cargo hold was highly customized – one hold, thankfully the larger, had rows and rows of racks specifically designed to hold planetary materials cargo, and the load transfer from the customs station and organization while underway was significantly easier on the crew because of it. The standard cargo bay was tiny and basically a giant open box. A strange configuration, and in the end the Percheron was still a far better hauler, and even the Mule was of similar capabilities, but the Overseer was clearly a ship designed with colonies in mind.

Still, flaws and all, it was hard to argue with a free ship.

As they pulled away from the storm planet that was his third colony, a communication link request caught his attention. It was the Trade Manager back at home station.

“What is it?” Rhavas asked.

The Trade Manager fairly beamed. “Today’s the day sir. The colonies are in the black as of a few minutes ago. Last week’s shipment of Ukomi Superconductors pushed us over the edge.”

This was very good news. From this point forward, everything was gravy – he could rebuild or replace colony bases without feeling like it was good money after bad. “Excellent. I need you to start reviewing next possibilities. The first two colonies were badly designed, since none of us knew what we were doing. We’ll need to tear them up … the question is whether we rebuild there or elsewhere. I’ll try to find some time to do some new scouting around corporation headquarters and find some likely targets for you to run through the analysis grids. We’ll be back soon with the next shipment – I’m sending the manifest now. Have station targets ready for me.”

“Aye sir. Fly safe.”

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