Restless Slumber

ProbeObservation bridge of the Vanguard, Eygfe, Metropolis

It was truly beautiful.

Rhavas, like most capsuleers, had a policy against coming out of his pod while underway. The risks were rarely worth the rewards. But today was a special day. He had heard all his flying days about wormholes. But he hadn’t expected to find one so easily, and was trying to make the decision whether or not to go through or stay.

He had wanted to see it with his own eyes.

He hadn’t expected it to be beautiful.

The CEO had talked a good deal in the last week about pilots needing to begin understanding wormholes, as he intended that we might someday move the corp into one. No time like the present. Rhavas turned to his Chief Astrometrics Officer. “Bring in the probes. We’re going through.”

The jump was remarkably like a gate jump in some ways, but wholly alien in others. It was hard to describe – maybe a bit more “organic” was the only way he could put it. More like being swallowed than shot out of a cannon – both projectiles in tubes but dramatically different within that broader context.

The Astrometrics Officer loaded the probes again, and Rhavas launched them. They were here, in a mysterious system. It was clearly visited, since there were planetary customs orbiters around some of the planets, but it was not currently populated as far as he could tell. So he took some time to look around.

It didn’t take long to discover a massive complex of ships and machines in the system. Rhavas had heard “scary stories” about the Sleepers, but insipred by the wormhole discovery, he wanted to take a quick look. He set the navigation system to warp into the complex 100 Km out. It would be a quick peek and then a return to the wormhole and back out to Republic space.

For the first few seconds, he felt safe. It was hard to see much from that distance. The sensors began bleeping… the Sleeper ships had closed the gap unbelievably quickly, and their targeting was already on him after mere seconds. He began the warp alignment procedure to return to th wormhole.

45Km away, the Sleeper ship opened fire. The first blast tore away the shield and armor, and the second vaporized the hull of the Vanguard entirely. Rhavas’ pod was all that warped away.

Rhavas was not pleased. He would need to find a new Astrometrics Officer, and a new Probe at a decent price would not be near any of the major trade hubs. Another good day/bad day in New Eden.

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