Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Cargo hold of the Mule, Hek, Metropolis

The first 100,000 ISK profit for a short run cargo haul was all it took. This, he knew, was how he would make money to pay for bigger and better things, and he was already doing well. True, running trade routes took a lot of time to figure out. He combed information sources for two regions, and was looking for methods to get data from four or five on a regular basis. He hired a crewman in Hek to simply sit and pull together trade and pricing data across systems and regions.

Timing was still tight – the opening of planetary surface resources was not far off now. He had scouted numerous systems and thought he had good targets. But he would have to push to be ready in time to get his first two Command Centers purchased. It would cost nearly all of his wealth to buy them.

The Cargo Manager came up just then. “It’s all on board, sir, all the Quafe she can carry. I’ve loaded the manifest and the system data into your NeoCom.”

Rhavas nodded. “Close the door. I’ll be contacting you when I get there for another target. We have a lot of work to do.”

As the pod closed around him, Rhavas plugged in to the leads and harnesses that were at once his prison and his liberation. He felt his body go slack, and his mind expand to encompass all the control systems of the Mule. As he scanned through the NeoCom data, one thought continued to trouble him.

He needed a bigger ship.

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