Can Pilots Exit Their Pods on Ships In Flight?

EveIt’s difficult to write a story about being the pilot/captain of a ship with a crew when you’re locked away in a jelly-filled pod and unable to interact with them. So I did some research on whether I could have Rhavas leave the pod and walk around the ship. Short answer: yes, but not without some risk/consequence possibility.

I’ve also chosen to adopt a convention espoused by Odilon Raennere in the first thread: “I maintain that my character sometimes uses a program to transmit a holographic image of himself in uniform into vital control areas of the ship while in flight in order to ‘walk the deck’ and interact with the crew more directly.” This to me makes a ton of sense and fits the available technology.

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One Response to Can Pilots Exit Their Pods on Ships In Flight?

  1. Drackarn says:

    I’ve used the hologram projection in fiction. Even did some bad Photoshop 🙂 (

    However I am sure I’ve read somewhere in official Eve canon that ships have a gantry that allows capsuleers to exit their pods when inside their ship. Now where did I read that…….?

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