Brothers in Arms

Rifter StoryheadAboard the Castor, [System Redacted], Heimatar

Rhavas had known it couldn’t – and probably shouldn’t – last forever. Indeed, the marking of the Republic Military School on his I’d signature likely made him a bigger target for pirates than most. In short, to deal with the pirates, Rhavas needed combat experience.

By sheer chance, he had met a pair of capsuleers who were starting a new corporation. Its goals weren’t entirely clear, but what was clear was their philosophy – namely that they would allow a good deal of individual freedom in exchange for smart people willing to be self-starters and drive the startup corp to new heights. The number of aspiring Field Commanders the group wanted was staggering, and they were at least initially clearly focused on frigate tactics … and that’s all Rhavas could fly, except for the indy ships.

He signed up.

They sent him a short message welcoming him aboard, a destination, and an order to bring his best combat frigate. The Castor was a great little machine for combat, as most Rifters were acknowledged to be for their size. It was quick to turn, fast to accelerate, and had great firepower for such a small ship.

When he arrived at the corp base, he was astonished at the sheer volume of ships armed to the teeth in the corporate hangar. Better yet, they had quickly helped him fit out a warp scrambler and stasis web unit and taught him in their use. A set of gyrostabilizers had helped the turret guns’ accuracy more than he had thought possible.

The Field Commanders were new, almost to a man, and so everyone had been given the same story – expect to spend a good bit of time blown to pieces and back in your medical clone. Rhavas wasn’t quite ready for that, but there was no time like the present to test the theory and he agreed there was nothing like failure to teach how to be successful. He expected that the first armed wolfpack would be both fun and educational.

He banked the Rifter in toward the docking ring and awaited the tow in. He was as ready as he was going to get without real combat experience – and that was coming soon.

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