Out From Hadaugago


Aboard the Archer, Hadaugago, Heimatar

Rhavas sat at the gate a little longer than necessary.

It had been a brutal learning curve, but a successful one. He had managed to survive Republic Military School without a ship loss, and in fact had gained himself a small cadre of frigates, as well as the destroyer he was currently guiding. His mental reflexes were improving rapidly and the vastly improved gunnery power of the Thrasher was making much quicker work of the Angel pirate gangs than the Slasher or even the Rifter had. It also wasn’t bad for mining and had plenty of room for a salvager.

A jack of all trades, a bit like her pilot.

But Rhavas was also concerned. He was essentially penniless when compared with the average capsuleer – and too new to know where to get ISK faster. To make matters worse, CONCORD had announced that planets would be opened for resource acquisition soon – in a matter of weeks, in fact. He wanted in on that rush. And the command centers looked very expensive.

Unfortunately, while he had acquired a Wreathe-class industrial (which he had sardonically dubbed the Mule) he had no idea how to fly it. Or to figure out which planets to chase. Or to actually get a command center to run the planet.

There was a lot of learning still to do, in a short time.

A Reaper-class frigate appeared from the gate, and he watched the wobbly exit and alignment of an apparent new pilot toward the RMS station. As the new recruit warped off, Rhavas turned his attention to his own next steps, and activated the gate.

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