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I don’t often talk about RL here – this is a space I reserve for amusement, hobbies and to keep my writing skills functional. I have plenty of stress in my real life and games generally speaking are where I go … Continue reading

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The CSM You Deserve

“Bad officials are elected by good people who do not vote.” – George Jean Nathan So today CCP Leeloo posted the actual CSM 9 voting results. I’m going to apologize now for what I expect will get a little ranty. … Continue reading

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This Game is Going to the Dogs

Let’s talk briefly about the new Mordu’s Legion ships and their names – current and recent past. First a quick shout-out to CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise. On the heels of the success of my ferreting out some of the things behind … Continue reading

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CSM 9 Results

We don’t know exactly how the voting went yet, but I do know that my predictions post was almost spot-on. There was only one real miss, and another that I made the right prediction first and should not have made … Continue reading

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CSM9 Results Predictions

So the voting for CSM 9 is just about to close. I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Here is my guess on the voting outcome to be announced at Fanfest in a couple of weeks. In the end, I … Continue reading

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CSM 9 Voting Slate

So once again we’re on Dolan Standard Time (i.e. the voting site is not up yet even though it was going to be up at downtime. See also time frames for winner announcements and last two summit minutes). So while … Continue reading

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CSM 9 Endorsements

First, a few things about how I endorse. My endorsements are not the same as my recommended voting slate. There are some great candidates this year that will not be getting my vote because frankly, they don’t need my help. … Continue reading

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Grading CSM 8

So there I was in December. The summer summit minutes were long overdue, but I didn’t feel it was fair to put out a CSM 8 midterm grade without the summer minutes. Christmas passed. And New Years. When the summer minutes … Continue reading

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Three Witches

I had another interesting conversation on Twitter today with Jayne Fillon, Noizy and Mark726. It led me here. If you want to skip the story, scroll down to the section titled The Bottom Line. Or take the more fun route in … Continue reading

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Intercession Audiobook by EVE Reader

The great Zendane at EVE Reader just completed and posted his audiobook version of Intercession. It turned out better than I ever thought possible. He actually recruited several other people to help him with conversation voices and it worked really … Continue reading

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